€the hand of Eleanor Bumpers is
stuffed and posed to
thread a needle

€the neck of the girl kept in
a box with a dog collar on is
soft and pale

€the never-before-seen cock
of Joey Buottafuoco whose innocence
is supernatural

€the nipples of Madonna bit only
by strobe lights

€the stained and efficient
hotel beds of Magic Johnson come
with a warehouse

€the lungs of Bill Clinton filled
with the written score of
Surrey With the Fringe On Top

€the dated and labelled smiles
of dead astronauts are
crisp or waterlogged

€the womb of Princess Di is
a walking tour whose cockney guide
highlights points of imperial interest

€the eyelashes of Tammy Fae Baker
bat at speeds suitable for a
talkshow, sermon or prison visit

€the calloused and dry feet of
Rudolph Nureyev have thick
yellow toenails

€the cheeks of Dizzy Gillepsie are
waxed to shine like
tropical fruit

€the grin of Mike Tyson smells
like pussy

€the grass-stained fist of
Robert Chambers has knuckles
tattooed with Love-and Hate

€the pock-marked face of
Manuel Noriega is painted over
with the American flag

€The missing breast of Nancy Reagan
is made into a bowl
for jellybeans

€the milk of the cows
at Three Mile Island is used
to power city busses

€the wig of Andy Warhol is creepy
or boring

€the bats of Hank Aaron are embossed
with the speeches of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

€the house of Mother Hale
has been lost in inventory

€the coke-stills of Bolivia have
a brand new corporate headquarters

€the costumes of Cardinal O'Connor
were donated by a Malaysian
rubber conglomeration

€the checkbooks of U.S. Senators
have the account numbers of
framers in Tulsa, fishermen in Biloxi
or a barber in Bed-Stuy

€the toilets of Shea Stadium
smell like budweiser and Ajax, one has
a pair of car keys stuck
in the drain

€the teeth of Jimi Hendrix
have plaque with a high
lysergic acid content and
the fillings have been
blown out

€the basements of love Canal
come with cancerous ping-pong tables

€the B-52's of Richard Nixon
can be traded in for publishing deals
and a mansion in Saddle River, New Jersey

€the baboon liver
in the man with no hope
is a package deal with the needles
of Dr. Kevorkian

€We will now open the bidding

€Everything must go

-Paul Skiff

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Rob Roth for The Jackie Factory ©1995
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